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                                                   $25 outside the U.S.

"Barbara's poetry took my hand and showed me a spiritual realm inside myself, her words deeply moved me."

     Margaret Oibrekken

"Such wisdom, light and raw presence. Barbara Lager provides a palpable understanding of who we are and who we can be!"

    Dr. Carol Myers 

   Life Coach, Ontological Life Coach,           

Consultant, Reiki Master

"This collection of poems is like snuggling up with a sunny day. Barbara's words are like soft breezes nudging us to receive, express, connect...with goodness, our own and the universe's."

       Tracey Ghilardi 

      MA, LP, EMDR Trauma Therapist

Barbara's words are a warm embrace that both soothe and inspire, expressed with joy and an open heart. Her poems are a gift that beautifully celebrate the power of love and connection.

    Richelle Schenfeld

Life often seems hard and each of us has burdens to carry, but Barbara Lager's poetry invites readers to look at their lives with new eyes, recognizing the gifts that life has for each of us, if we are willing to accept them.  Barbara's poetry reminds me of how important it is to "be a faucet and not a drain," because her poetry fills the readers soul. Her positive attitude on life, on living, and on being can serve as a guide to anyone seeking a deeper connection to the people and world around them, and especially to their own lives.

         Marcia Kunstler

Barbara Lager's words inspires a serenity that is very strong in positive energy. To read her work, is to come away with a more positive, hopeful outlook on life.

     Janet Rhines 

Barbara Lager has a way with inner thoughts and the expression of them. In this lovely collection I have two very special favorited-


             Gandolfa Stegmann

                Transactional Life Coach 

As I read these beautiful poems, I find myself smiling. Barbara pours so much love, light and kindness into her words. They give me a sense of peace and envelop my heart in warmth. Reading Barbara's work makes me realize that humanity is well and alive among us all. I hope it will do this for you too!

   Sahar Hassan

  Artistic Director

  Lady Slipper Ensemble